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About Matt

I grew up on a farm in Northern Wisconsin in the 70's with Mom, Dad and two older brothers. Our 360 acre farm had dairy cows and beef cattle. The winters were cold and snowy and hot summers to boot. My Dad had made our first sequence board by using wood, cut-out playing cards and a fiberglass fastened top. Many of cold wintry days we played on this handmade sequence board. Being 12 miles from the nearest town made us to do with what we had. 

I left the farm for college and started my own family. Years passed but the handmade sequence board remained a staple of game playing when family would gather back on the farm.

In 2017, I took the idea of my dad's handmade sequence board and started to make a variation of my own. I gave them to family and friends as gifts. Then Covid hit all of us. People that I didn't even know were calling and said that they played on a handmade sequence board that I had made and that they wanted to order one.

I made a website and started to post on third party sites. To this date, I have made over 2,000 handmade sequence boards and shipped them as for as; Alaska, Norway, Canada and all over the U.S. I mainly make 24 inch round, wood stained, pine boards. Customized handmade sequence boards can be ordered by calling me at (414) 588-8213 or by emailing me at:

Thank you,
Matt Hendren

Working Pics!

We will be posting pics of us working on your boards in the photo gallery.

From the very beginning of your handmade board to us packing your board for shipping.

We work hard and really hope you, your family and your friends enjoy your new handmade sequence board!

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