Why Are There "X's" or "Stickers" On My Playing Chips?

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We marked "X's" or placed stickers on the 150 chips that you received with your board.

You flip your chips once you get five in row so that the X's or stickers are showing. This allows for everyone to see these rows of five and establishes the rule that nobody can take away any chips from these rows of five.

After getting your five in a row, simply turn the chips over. The "X's" or stickers are showing on the five in a row chips.
Now all the players know where the five in a row is.

This is very helpful when you have six or more in a row. Only five "X's" or stickers can show on the five in a row.

If you don't want your 150 chips marked with "X's" marked by us or having stickers on your chips, please specify this in your order.

Working Pics!

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We will be posting pics of us working on your boards in the photo gallery.

From the very beginning of your handmade board to us packing your board for shipping.

We work hard and really hope you, your family and your friends enjoy your new handmade sequence board!